Welcome to Lincoln Hills Cares

Welcome to Lincoln Hills Cares


Lincoln Hills Cares creates unforgettable Colorado experiences for youth by creating a connection to cultural history, science, technology, art and environmental conservation. The program imparts knowledge, encourages thinking and empowers youth who would otherwise not have the opportunity, due to economic, social or family circumstances.

Lincoln Hills Cares is dedicated to sharing a world-class fly-fishing experience with military service personnel and their families through the Anglers of Honor program. Our programming aims to show our thanks and appreciation for their service, and aid in the recovery and rehabilitation of our heroic veterans.


Lincoln Hills Cares is a coalition of public charities that enrich local communities through environmental awareness, a connection to cultural history, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) education and healthy lifestyle options.

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2015 Anglers of Honor Events

Saturday May 23rd

Saturday June 20th

Sunday July 19th

Saturday August 8th

Saturday September 12th