Equestrian Program

Nizhoni Summer Equestrian Program

The mission of the Nizhoni Equestrian Program is to foster personal growth through equestrian experiences. We aim to fulfill our mission by providing youth & teen girls with life-enhancing confidence through equestrian training. With roots that date back to 1924, the Nizhoni Program was re-established in 2013 to provide young girls with positive and empowering experiences.

Today’s Nizhoni Equestrian Program is staged out of the Lincoln Hills Equestrian Center, complete with a full barn, stables, training area, tack room, and access to a variety of trails. The Lincoln Hills Equine Center allows for a safe and comfortable environment for youth to interact with horses. The Nizhoni camp encompasses a number of instructional sessions over the summer that provide participants with the opportunity to learn various horseback riding and equestrian care tactics that translate into valuable life skills and self-confidence.

Lincoln Hills Cares sponsors a number of girls from diverse backgrounds to participate in this personalized program to foster confidence and personal growth in young women.