Nizhoni Equestrian Program

Nizhoni riders

The Nizhoni Equestrian Experience

Nizhoni (Ni-SH-O-nee) – means “Beautiful” in the Navajo language

The focus of the Nizhoni Equestrian Program is to foster personal growth through equestrian experiences. We strive to achieve this by encouraging the social and emotional development of youth & teen girls through equestrian training. With roots that date back to 1924, the Nizhoni Program was re-established in 2013 to provide young women with positive and empowering experiences, using nature as a tool.

Today’s Nizhoni Equestrian Program is hosted at the Lincoln Hills Equestrian Center, a safe and welcoming environment, complete with a full barn, stables, tack room, corral, and access to a variety of trails. The program incorporates weekly instructional sessions over the course of the summer that provide participants with an opportunity to learn various equine care tactics and horseback riding skills, while building life skills, emotional awareness and self-confidence.

Timeline and History of the Nizhoni Equestrian Experience Program