Environmental STEM Pathway (E-STEM)

When young people develop a sincere love for the Rocky Mountains and environmental STEM careers, magic happens. The ecological stewardship light turns on and change begins. Environmental STEM access will become vast and wide, and no one will be denied the opportunity to expand their mind or participate within an industry that is dedicated to environmental sustainability. Our youth will have the chance to see themselves as a part of the solution and will fulfill the call to join a workforce that is capable of and passionate about maintaining the environment. As such, we anticipate an increase in diversity within environmental STEM career fields by providing a workforce composed of people of color who are capable of mentoring subsequent generations of leaders into the field as well.

Instructional Target

Lincoln Hills Cares Environmental STEM (E-STEM) engages students in the real world, employing the most effective strategies to help our participants meet rigorous next generation science standards. Moreover, it cultivates young thinkers to build and enhance their communities by making them environmentally sustainable. This is a project-based pathway that is based on Next Generation Science Standards. Our curriculum starts in grade 5 and continues through grade 12. Our Pathway features state of the art technology to access the Historic Lincoln Hills 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Also, Lincoln Hills E-STEM features custom-built lesson plans that reflect Next Generation Science standards. These plans allow participants to explore and apply life science standards to real-life environmental issues. Most of all, our lessons create an atmosphere of fun as they explore the environment.

For example, our curriculum entails setting a claim, producing evidence to support the claim, and reasoning that connects the evidence to the claim. A freshwater aquarium is placed in the classroom to explore the life cycle of a trout in addition to the nutrient cycles in freshwater. The aquarium is coupled with live remote cameras at Lincoln Hills to stream real-time data along with videos to enhance the teaching and learning experiences for our participants.

The most exciting aspect of our pathway is applied science! The chance to visit the Historic Lincoln Hills and participate in the fun of hands-on science. It’s the opportunity to see, touch, and feel the Rocky Mountains in an environment dedicated to learning. Moreover, the development of love and respect for the environment is our approach. A visit to Historic Lincoln Hills is a life-changing outdoor education experience in the Rocky Mountains.