TeamWorks Service Learning Program

Who We Are

Lincoln Hills TeamWorks has proudly partnered with Teens Inc., to create the TeamWorks program. TeamWorks is a summer intensive service learning program that engages a diverse group of youth ages 16-20 from Metro Denver and the Gilpin County region.

Our Mission

TeamWorks fuels intrinsic motivation, personal accountability, communication and collaboration, scientific reasoning and critical thinking in the youth we work with to propel them toward a successful academic and professional path.

What We Do

TeamWorks integrates paid work experience with education in the natural sciences, life skills training and career preparation for youth who participate in projects related to environmental conservation, local history, civic duty and land management. Team members earn a good wage while developing real skills and experience in collaborative projects. Under the supportive supervision of expert educators, TeamWorks youth plan and direct projects themselves. Team-based, youth centered projects stimulate innate curiosity, excite intrinsic motivation and so produce lasting learning. We provide educational and work experience which prepares youth for thriving academic and professional careers during the critical transition out of high school into adult working life.


Youth who complete the TeamWorks program emerge with self-confidence balanced with respect for their group, genuine academic and professional accomplishments, and a life enhancing positive attitude about themselves and their potential to be productive, contributing adult members of their communities and the world.



As part of our TeamWorks Scholarship program, the Osprey scholarship awards $2,500 to a Colorado student who demonstrates outstanding effort and performance both in the classroom and in life.

King Fisher

Our Kingfisher Scholarship awards a Colorado student with $1,000 towards their education, the full amount of which is renewable for four years while the student is enrolled in college, provided they maintain a B average or higher.