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Lincoln Hills Cares develops the next generation of young leaders through outdoor and environmental education, cultural history exploration, and workforce advancement. Our programs empower communities by providing equitable access to and opportunities for outdoor and environmental learning and action.


Lincoln Hills Cares was founded by Robert F. Smith and Matthew Burkett, two entrepreneurs with the ability to envision a future of what was invisible to others. Based in Colorado,

LHC is a charitable organization that strives to increase equity in accessing outdoor resources and opportunities for youth, families and communities that may experience barriers.

We aim to fulfill our mission through ongoing preservation practices and dynamic programs, activities and events across the Denver metro and Front Range mountain areas.

Along with a history of being one of Colorado’s most cherished mountain areas, Lincoln Hills has maintained its accessibility and roots in the community by facilitating year-round programs for youth, young adults and families. Through extensive restoration efforts, Lincoln Hills has recovered from its tumultuous recent history as a mining property and has reestablished its roots in connecting people to nature.


Lincoln Hills Cares cultivates life changing moments through integrative outdoor experiences for community partners and marginalized youth and families in the Denver metro and Front Range mountain areas. As Lincoln Hills Cares continues to grow, our vision will remain steadfast – to develop young leaders and build community through outdoor experiences.


Lincoln Hills traces its roots to 1922 when it was established as the country’s only western resort accessible to African-Americans. Lincoln Hills played an integral role in the African American community throughout the 1900s leading up to the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Learn More Here!

Lincoln Hills Cares acknowledges that we operate on the ancestral lands and traditional territories of the Arapaho (Hinonoeino), Cheyenne (Tsitsistas), and Ute (Nuciu) People. We are committed to honoring the legacy of the original stewards by protecting and preserving the land.

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