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Eight Denver-Based Nonprofits Working in the Outdoors

In a world with a lot of need and not enough resources, there are a lot of nonprofits. Like, A LOT of nonprofits. Most of them started with the goal of taking the lead on important initiatives with like-minded communities. While they all run impactful and important programming, nonprofits are constantly hustling to receive funding and to get noticed. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to recognize every nonprofit that ever existed – we’ll need an encyclopedia for that – but it is possible to highlight some that are doing extra awesome work, specifically in the outdoors. To set some boundaries for ourselves, we decided to focus on outdoor-themed nonprofits based in Denver.

Nonprofits Increasing Access to the Outdoors

Sure, Denver has the front range, access to several ski mountains less than an hour and a half away (sans traffic), and a plethora of open space parks. However, recreating outside is still very inaccessible to people from low socioeconomic backgrounds and underprivileged groups. Transportation, time, and money—among other factors—make it difficult for many people to enjoy the outdoors. Fortunately, there are several nonprofits within Denver trying to eliminate those barriers. Read More

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