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The Lincoln Hills Cares Outdoor Education Program provides abundant, diversified opportunities for youth and families to engage in experiential outdoor and environmental education programs. We partner with youth-serving organizations to teach and encourage discussions about cultural history, natural sciences, the environment, and outdoor recreation through dynamic and culturally responsive curriculum with elements that meet state academic standards. Send us a message on our Contact Page, to see how you can get involved at Lincoln Hills!

Programs and Curriculum

Critter Crates
Dam Builders
Ecosystem Energy Flow
Fire Building
Float your Boat
Flower Power
Fly Fishing
Food Chain Pollution
Geology Rocks
History Hikes

Monarch Marathon
Nature Journals
Pine Cone Exploration
Pond Ecology
Predator vs. Prey
Seed Need
Shelter Building
The Great Hibernation Challenge

Trail Bingo
Walking with Wildlife
Water Conservation
Water Filtration
What’s in the Water?
Where’s the Water?
Wildfire Frenzy
Wildlife Encounters
Wildlife in Disguise
Wildlife Forensics

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