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Stephanie Valencia

M.S. Environmental Science, University of Colorado | Stephanie earned her Bachelor of Science in Health Science from the University of Florida and her Master’s in Environmental Science at the University of Colorado. Originally from Miami, FL, Stephanie’s interest in the natural world originated at an early age as the result of her many trips to the unique wetlands of Florida. Her path to becoming an Outdoor Educator was not a linear one as she intended on pursuing a career as a physical therapist after completing her undergraduate degree.

However, after taking a trip to Colorado and witnessing the beauty of the Rocky Mountains, she decided to move to Denver with the goal of pursuing her passion for the environmental sciences.

During her time as a graduate student, Stephanie’s research focused on the many impacts anthropogenic climate change has had across multiple ecosystems. She also investigated the socio-ecological and political challenges that plague disproportionately impacted communities as the result of these human-driven changes.

She has collaborated with local organizations to advocate for environmental justice and equitable access to the outdoors for all. Stephanie is honored to continue her work at Lincoln Hills Cares and hopes to share her love for science and the outdoors with urban youth through environmental education and recreation.


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