About Us

Our Mission

Lincoln Hills Cares creates unforgettable Colorado experiences for youth by forming a connection to cultural history, science, technology, art and environmental conservation. The program imparts knowledge, encourages thinking and empowers youth who would not otherwise have the opportunity, due to economic, social or family circumstances.

Who We Are

Lincoln Hills Cares was founded by Robert F. Smith and Matthew Burkett, two entrepreneurs with the ability to vision a future of what was invisible to others. Based in Colorado, Lincoln Hills Cares is a charitable organization that strives to make outdoor experiences available to our community. We aim to fulfill our mission through preservation efforts and unique programming all across the front range. Learn more about our programs here.

Along with a history of being one of Colorado’s most cherished mountain areas, Lincoln Hills has maintained its accessibility and roots in the community by facilitating year round programs for youth and young adults. Through extensive restoration efforts, Lincoln Hills has been restored from its tumultuous recent history as a mining property. The area is again able to provide some of Colorado’s most unique outdoor experiences where we offer a range of outdoor activities and education programs for various community organizations.


Lincoln Hills Cares strives to provide unique and innovative outdoor experiences with a variety of programs and activities through our Youth Outdoor Education Programs, Nizhoni Summer Equestrian Program and TeamWorks Service Learning Program for youth and young adults.


Lincoln Hills Cares enables the creation of life-changing moments by creating Colorado experiences for the surrounding community, nonprofit partner groups and the underserved population of urban youth in the Denver metro area. As Lincoln Hills Cares continues to grow, its mission will remain steadfast. Sharing unforgettable Colorado experiences for the past, present and future Lincoln Hills generations.

Fly Fishing

With some of Colorado’s most pristine wilderness and rivers also comes the state’s most acclaimed fly fishing water. The Lincoln Hills property is home to the private Lincoln Hills Fly Fishing Club where members spend their days on the rivers at Lincoln Hills creating unforgettable angling experiences.


Lincoln Hills traces its beginnings to 1922 when it was established as the country’s only western resort accessible to African-Americans. Lincoln Hills played an integral role in the African-American community throughout the 1900s leading up to the Civil Rights Movement in 1964. Read More Here.