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Welcome to Lincoln Hills Cares

Developing the next generation of outdoor leaders

Lincoln Hills Cares develops the next generation of young leaders through outdoor and environmental education, cultural history exploration, and workforce advancement. Our programs empower communities by providing equitable access to and opportunities for outdoor and environmental learning and action.

Who We Are

Lincoln Hills Cares is a charitable organization that builds community, promotes outdoor equity, and supports the environment through outdoor education and recreation initiatives, environmental and cultural history connections, and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) education.

Our Values


is the result of valuing diverse perspectives and strengths and is the foundation for fostering stronger relationships among each other and nature.  Community has the answers, community is the solution.


connects us to the world. It is key to fostering interests in, passions for, and respect of the environment, and leads to the diversification of our environmental workforce.


builds opportunity. We believe that breaking down barriers to provide access to outdoor experiences fosters interests in new concepts that otherwise may not have been accessible.  Equity is the cornerstone of our values.


for ourselves, one another, the environment, and our community leads to positive community change, a greater appreciation for nature, and a willingness to get involved. Respect is critical for our relationships with ourselves, each other, and the planet.


provides opportunities for growth and healing by encouraging curiosity, exploration, risk taking, and environmental stewardship. We use nature as a tool for youth development and youth as a resource for environmental stewardship.

Lincoln Hills Cares acknowledges that we operate on the ancestral lands and traditional territories of the Arapaho (Hinonoeino), Cheyenne (Tsitsistas), and Ute (Nuutsiu) People. We are committed to honoring the legacy of the original stewards by protecting and preserving the land.

Our Impact

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